Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

We had a nice low-key New Year celebration at home this year. I wasn't feeling well and so we decided to go get some noise makers and crazy glasses and party it up at our house with our family! Bridger wasn't so sure...but he ended up having fun, he said. 

Reagan is a girl after her mother's heart. When she is tired she wants to go to bed. She had had it by about 9:45 and so we did some noise makers for her and she crashed. I thought that Hudson would go about the same time but that is when he got his second wind! He was going strong until about 11:45 and then he crashed hard. Not even the fireworks woke him up 15 minutes later.

Everyone picked what they wanted for dinner: Brent had king crab legs, all the kids chose McDonald's, and I went all out with Ramen noodles. I really didn't feel that great and food didn't sound good. We played some games, watched a movie, and the kids ran around like crazy people.  Corbin kept saying: I'm so excited, I'm so excited!! Bridger struggled to make the last half hour but we kept him up. We enjoyed the fireworks and then headed to bed. Bridger was pretty excited that he beat his time of 12:16 from last year.  It was 12:21 when he crawled into bed. 

It was a fun night and we might have started a new tradition. Maybe we could find some people to invite next time! Who wants to party it up with us next year?! 

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