Saturday, December 28, 2013

40 Years

40 years ago these two were married in Logan Utah during quite the blizzard, I'm told! 
Today we celebrated in 40 degree weather without coats or even thought of the weather! 

We started the day with lunch at Little America. It was surprisingly pretty good. Corbin loved the carved strawberry that came with his lunch.

When we finished we took in the 'ambiance' that is Little America. We looked at the stuffed penguin and took in all the Christmas magic that was in the gift shop.  The shop worker even gave us a special little "music box concert" meaning he played all the music boxes for us. The kids were loving it.  The favorite part was the dinosaur outside. We managed to get all 10 grandkids on it together. They are all getting pretty big! 

We went back to Grandma and Grandpa's and took a family picture and then had a little dessert. Some of their friends came over to celebrate with them. 

We sure are glad that they made the choice to get married 40 years ago so that we could all be together for eternity! If I was a better writer I would put how much they mean to us and all that jazz. I hope that they and everyone else knows all of that.  Here is to 40 more. Even though I'm sure they both agree they don't want to live that long. :) 

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